About Us

To manifest an idea, the input of countless people is necessary. When it come to us, there are many ideas that yearn to become reality.

AZADI Artistic Expressions is the colaborative work of teachers and artists with a great dedication to the artform they love and with the goal of bringing joy to the world through their passion.

The fields we work in streches from traditional West African music to the modern world of dance, theater, circus and electronic music.


Digambara foré

An invitation into celebration through West African music & dance.

Abji & Anansi

Social circus activity and story-telling for children of all ages.


A trio working with performance art and art education.

Pyro Somatics

Fire dance and performance group.


Åse Wallberg embodies creative power. Her tireless energy, desire to discover, dedication and mad inventivness are irresistible and evokes creative joy in everyone. Åse's art originates from her love for the body in motion and her warmth makes her a true ambassador for dance.

Csilla Domonkos creates enchanting poetic magic with movement, hula hoop and contact staff. She has the ability to both see and express that nothing is just black or white and uses nuances, which makes our creative work so much more alive. Csilla's warmth, care and pedagogical patience is an incredibly important part of our collaboration.

Gabriel Gabor Szenaszki's musical journey began in childhood and since then he has  been constantly interested in the importance of music in various cultural contexts. This makes him a versatile co-creator in his collaborative works, spiced up with his caracteristic personal expression. Gabriel's openness, spontaneity and ability in improvisation brings life into his music and through that, the creative process with him becomes an adventure.

Mehdi Arabi has a unique way of expressing himself both physically and intellectually. His passion for various art forms and his interest in the human nature helps us to gain a nuanced perspective in our working process. This quality contributes to a developing, interesting and enjoyable co-creation. His way of working is characterized by energy, joy and madness, in the words best sense.


Digambara foré

Abji & Anansi


Pyro Somatics

We are based in Sweden but we are willing to travel.