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Abji & Anansi

Who we are

Abji & Anansi is a duo, working mostly with children, using the knowledge and experiences we have on different fields such as theater, circus, and music, with much emphasis on art education in different contexts.

Our vision

”I think I believe in the purification of the soul through fun and play” said Erlend Loe once and we could not agree more.

Creativity can only flow freely when we take away prestige and pressure! When focusing on the love of moving or on the exploration of movements, sounds and the possibilities of the imagination, such things as competition and comparison loses its validity. Through story-telling and social circus we wish to encourage curiosity and the will to try new things. It is a kind of non-verbal communication, a creation of a secure atmosphere where we can learn through fun and play, in between words. There is no right or wrong and our purpose, while working with children, is to improve their creativity through movement and sound, to create body awareness, coordination, ability to focus, to develop expressiveness and creative thinking.

Bookable activities:

Anansi and the first drum (in english or in swedish)

Once upon a time...
In the world of story-telling, anything can happen. You can be a mirror, a tree or why not a vacuum cleaner nozzle. We tell together through words, movement, rhythm and our imagination.
Come and create a magical world where anything is possible.

  • Time: The story-telling in itself is about 30 minutes. Plus there can be the additional time if we do the story-telling interactively with children, depends on the wishes of the organiser.
  • Target group: Children between the age of 5 and 11.
  • Location: we need a smaller area so that a little movement is possible. We are open for discussion with the organiser. Good general lighting.

For more info and price contact: mehdara@gmail.com

Social circus activity (in english or in swedish)

Our motto is: You can succeed too! Want to know how to juggle tablecloths, balls and rings? Are you curious about what to do with a hula hoop other than spinning it around the hip? And much more? In the world of the circus you can experience a kind of magic and learn to do what you thought was impossible.

  • Time: The activity is usually around 1,5 h/ session if it is a weekly activity under a longer period of time. If it is just one time, it can be up to 2 hours.
  • Target group: Children from age 5 up to 12.
  • Location: Gymnastic hall or a similar location with a relatively high ceiling if possible. Good general lighting and access to audio equipment.

For more info and price contact: mehdara@gmail.com



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Abji & Anansi


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We are based in Sweden but we are willing to travel.