Who we are?

Azadi is a trio who use their experience in dance, circus and theater in their creation. Performing arts together with art education are the focus of this collaboration with the aim of spreading the joy of movement and encouraging creativity.

Our vision

Dance and circus is fun and can be used as a tool that proves that these artforms does not have to have anything to do with prestige, and it points out that one can create aesthetic revelations without hypermobility and being a master juggler. If you focus on the love of moving or on the exploration of movements without or with different tools and the possibilities of the imagination, then such things as competition and comparison lose their validity. With the basic idea that we are all different and have something to offer, we create a platform where the focus can be inward which can lead to the opportunity to get to know ourselves on a deeper level and at the same time increase our skills of communication and collaboration in group work.

Bookable performances:

Relativt läge

A performance about the fascinating physical laws that help and upset us in our everyday lives. How do they work? What happens if ...? With the help of dance and circus, we want to awake curiosity and interest in physics and the physical laws that affect movement.

Time: The performance is about 30 minutes, workshop about 30-45 minutes depending on the wishes of the organizer.

Target group: Students between the age of 12 and 15, but also works for both younger and older students.

Stage area: Gymnastic hall or a similar location with a relatively high ceiling. About 8 meters wide and 6 meters deep. Good general lighting and access to audio equipment.

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Abji & Anansi


Pyro Somatics

We are based in Sweden but we are willing to travel.