Pyro Somatics


Pyro Somatics

Who we are

Pyro Somatics is a group of dancers and fire artists, working with performing fire arts. We are based is Hungary and Sweden but are willing to travel anywhere in the world.

Our vision

Pyro Somatics consists of the words “pyro” and “soma” which comes from the Greek, meaning fire and body.  It is a play with the word of somatic psychology that refers to our focus, which is on the somatic experience, the embodied self, including therapeutic and holistic approaches to body.

Fire arts takes the audience into a magical dimension where the performer and the fire element are creating synergy. Our aim is to lift up the aspects of elegance, power and beauty where we wish to show how to be and dance in harmony with fire.

Bookable performances

We performe coreogaphed acts with different tools such as fire hoop, fire staff, fire fan, etc., where we put a lot of emphasis on dance, movement and theater. We performe at festivals, weddings, resorts or any special events, depending on the wishes of the organiser.

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Pyro Somatics

Vi är baserade i Östergötland, Sverige men vi reser gärna.